Pineapple: five stars for what is usually a five star fruit. There is a rich literature describing various methods to cook or prepare pineapple for consumption. I have tried all of these methods, and every single one of them is wrong. The only way to experience a pineapple is to cut it up and eat it, raw and unadulterated. This particular specimen cost two dollars. It had a small blemish which was easily removed. I may buy another tomorrow.

If I twist my shoulders and crane my neck, I can get a good view of the greenhouse out through the window. I don’t usually do it in the day, in case someone sees me. Once it gets dark though, I am safe to look out without any risk. I enjoy these long nights. Mostly I look at the greenhouse to watch the pineapple people making their preparations. Other times I look further out at the fields, especially when the farmers have a bonfire. I grow anxious when I spend too long neglecting the greenhouse, though, as the pineapple people act suddenly, and it is easy to miss their movements. Syzygy, my batman, lacks the patience to observe them.